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The following flags are available:

  • -i/--input <pathToFile>: the input file (in most cases mod.ts)
  • -o/--output <pathToFile>: the output file name
  • -d/--dir <pathToDir>: the output directory. Setting this is needed for code splitting and always takes precedence over -o
  • -c/--config <pathToConfig>: the config file. Use --defaultConfig to see the default values.
  • --cache <cacheLocation>: location to persist build cache
  • --watch <dirOrFile>: watch a file or directory and rebuild on changes
  • --defaultConfig: prints the default config to stdout
  • --print: prints the generated bundle to stdout
  • -v/--version: display version number
  • -h/--help: display the CLI help message


NOTE: both denopack and its plugins use unstable Deno APIs. These APIs are not final and may break, but this does mean --unstable is mandatory!

The CLI itself can run with a base permission of --allow-read, printing to stdout with the -p flag. Writing to file naturally requires --allow-write.
Additionally, the various built-in plugins can require extra permissions like --allow-net and --allow-env. More info can be found in the plugin folder on Github.

Config file

Importing a Rollup config file is supported using the -c <path/to/config> flag and follow the same conventions as Rollup:

  • use default export for your config
  • ideally call it rollup.config.ts or denopack.config.ts