🦕📦 denopack

The bundling and minification toolset, made for Deno.

denopack is a CLI tool and a collection of plugins designed for bundling code to be used with Deno or in the browser. No node_modules, no npm or yarn needed.

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From deno.land

deno run --allow-run --allow-read https://deno.land/x/[email protected]/install.ts

From nest.land

deno run --allow-run --allow-read https://x.nest.land/[email protected]/install.ts


Disclaimer: there is absolutely nothing wrong with deno bundle. In most cases, it will actually handle everything necessary for a bundler to handle. There are, however, several features missing that would make a bundler even more awesome such as minifying, tree shaking, ...

denopack's goal is to provide a pluggable bundling solution for the Deno ecosystem, using Rollup behind the scenes, continually expanding functionality. It is important for both backend and frontend development on Deno to be able to use a mature and optimized set of tools, and denopack is here to help.